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    Therapy Box, an enterprise t

    hat uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to diagnose hidden communication barriers, gained the Scale and Growth category for more established small and medium-sized businesses.

    Winners selected six Voom finalists whose business ideas consisted of an experienced panel: Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group; Innocent founder Richard Reed; serial entrepreneur and TV host Sophie Morgan; Founder and CEO of Tropic Skincare Susie Ma; and Virgin Media Business’ MD Peter Kelly. In a spiked finale, the judges examined various fields and business plans before declaring that Young Einstein and the Therapy Box will be presented together with the grand prize.

    Peter Kelly of Virgin Media Business, “Today’s congratulations to the winners: These dynamic businesses symbolize the vitality and potential of start-up and small businesses that Voom helps to release. We wish all our finalists the chance to come. ” said.

    The Spark & ​​Start category was won by Tracey-Jane Cassidy, a trained scientist and mother of three small children. By setting up the young boy Einstein, he explained that his own children could find enough opportunities to do applied science. Junior Einstein, working to promote more diversity and interest in STEM topics, organizes post-school clubs, summer camps, birthday parties and events to develop creative thinking, teamwork, imagination and problem solving skills.

    Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, said: “I was blown away by the quality of the shots and the incredible passion of today’s finalists. Congratulations to fantastic winners and runners who are incredibly hard to come here. I hope they continue to inspire others – I am excited to see them all continue their journey. 

    Voom 2018 Special Award-winning business ideas

    Four special prizes were selected at the ceremony organized by Voom partners.

    Hookpod, an accidentally caught turtle trapped by poultry fishing boats and a sustainable hook hook that reduces the number of birds, earned the Crowdfunder Award, which earned the most money during Voom with an increase of nearly £ 60,000.

    Organic Blooms, organic businesses that cultivate and sell organic flowers to educate and support people with learning difficulties, won the Impact Award for the Virgin Unit sponsorship for help, business or social enterprise that makes the difference to people in need.

    The International Voom Award, sponsored by PayPal for the largest international business, was earned by Milky Tees, a company that produces breastfeeding and breastfeeding unique T-shirts to help breastfeed and breastfeed.

    Perlego, a more affordable course book subscription service, was announced as the winner of the Voom Award Leader, sponsored by Grant Thornton, which will be backed by first-tier financing advice.

    Since being pushed into the market six years ago, the contest, run by Virgin Media Business, has received over 2 million awards and has made great achievements such as CauliRice, MacRebur, Fourex, Biobean, Ne Melon and Confirmed Fruit. Previous winners benefited from increased public awareness and new connections, partnerships and collaborations they created.